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Since inception in January 2022, we have successfully spayed and neutered the following number of animals:

  • 1555 Cats

  • 141 Dogs

  • 2 Foxes

  • 1 Rabbit


We're so proud of our amazing team of volunteers, including our vet and vet techs. It takes a whole team to make this happen, and we've got one that's truly special.


We couldn't have done it without you!

We want to say "thank you" for your help and support. Every donation goes towards helping our community and ensuring every cat gets proper medical care and the chance to find a forever home. Your kindness is appreciated more than we can say and we know that without you, our goals would not be possible.


We're not just a organization; we're a family. We are all here because of our love for animals, and we want to make sure that every animal has access to the same opportunity as any other: a loving family who will care for them forever. And when they do find that perfect match? It's magic!

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